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Uvex X-Fit Ear Plug Dispenser Unit (Empty)

Code: 670440
The easy to use Uvex X-Fit dispenser provides access to Uvex disposable ear plugs whenever and wherever they are needed. The Uvex X-Fit dispenser is a highly visible, robust wall mounted unit that can be situated at entrances to mandatory hearing protection areas. The Uvex ear plugs are dispensed with a simple easy-to-use twist mechanism that does away with the need for individual packaging thus improving housekeeping issues. The incorporation of a subtle acoustic signal to confirm plug release, ensures that only the correct number of plugs are dispensed, avoiding wastage.
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Uvex X-Fit Ear Plug Dispenser Unit (Empty)

Easy-to-use, robust wall-mounted dispenser. Easy installation and a controlled release mechanism which ensures the correct number of plugs are dispensed. The audible "one 2 click" system prevents over supply. General features easy-to-use, robust wall-mounted dispenser with a "click" the plug is in the hand transparent design makes it easy to monitor the number of earplugs remaining collecting tray catches the earplugs

Manufacturer Uvex Manufacturer Code 2112000

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