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NLG Tool Tether Large D Ring
Code: 497308
Attach the Large D Ring Tool Tether with Tether Tape™ to create an instant attachment point on any large hand tool.
Size: One Size
Colour: Green
£5.17 exc. VAT  
£6.20 inc. VAT

Product Details
NLG Tool Tether Large D Ring

NLG D-Ring Tether form part of NLG's unique Instant Tether System™ for stopping dropped objects and is well established as the preferred option for workers at height. They can be retro-fitted to almost any tool avoiding the unnecessary expense of buying new tools or the associated downtime of sending tools off site to be adapted for tethering. When used with Tether Tape™, the NLG D-Ring Tether Points provide a solution to a multitude of tools commonly used at work – spanners, podgers, hammers etc – in fact, almost any hand tool up to a maximum weight limit of 3kg. As an integral part of a tool kit, the NLG D-Ring Tether and Tether Tape™ provide a versatile and quick solution to keep tools safe when working at height and means that no worker will have to waste time again on site through a lack of correctly tethered tools.

Manufacturer Never let go Manufacturer Code 101362