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Cleanline Chlorine Tablets Tub Of 200
Code: 499571
Cleanline Chlorine Tablets are a 3.2g effervescent chlorination tablet (1.67g NaDCC) with a broad spectrum of biocidal activity against food poisoning bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi.
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Product Details
Cleanline Chlorine Tablets Tub Of 200

• For general-purpose disinfection of most non-porous hard surfaces.

• Ideal for water purification, food preparation surfaces, equipment disinfection, mop soaking and bleaching.

• With a shelf life of 5 years, the solution presents as an economic option for treatment of body fluid spills as recommended by most infection control departments.

• Small 3.2g, 18mm diameter tablet is convenient and easy to use and will fit into most containers and quickly dissolves in clean water.

• The tablets provide an easy to use dilution system that eradicates the over-dosing that is common with liquid bleach and more importantly minimises any under-dosing potential.

• Easy to store and distribute, no risk of spillages or leaks.

• Accurate dosage, always yielding the stated level of available chlorine. Each tablet releases a minimum 1,000 parts per million (ppm) available chlorine per 1 litre of water.

• Typically 1 tub of 200 x 3.2g tablets makes 2,000 litres Chlorine solution.

Manufacturer Cleanline Manufacturer Code CL1010