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Oil Retention Pillow 8L 2KG PILL
Code: 333038
Fast, effective response to spills Remove a sheen or reduce a slick before dewatering Use proactively in bunds and tanks Avoid the cost and delay of using third party contractors Our proprietary smart polymer turns oil and fuel into solid rubber – trapping it inside Available in 3 sizes: 1L, 4L & 8L oil retention Standard COSHH disposal
Size: 1000 x 720CM
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Oil Retention Pillow 8L 2KG PILL

Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillows are the most effective way to soak up spills of hydrocarbons on contained areas of standing water. Our smart polymer pillows are unique in retaining oils and fuels permanently. Contaminants will not drain out when the pillow is saturated. Use our Oil Retention Pillows to clean up a sheen or minor spill before discharging water to the environment or surface water drains. This fast and effective approach encourages compliant behaviour by operatives and can save you thousands on vacuum tankering or other third-party waste disposal services. Our oil-absorbent pillows will remove all hydrocarbons dispersed in water, whether in the emulsified or dissolved phase, and the heavier collection of settled oil on the bed of an excavation.Pillows are available in three sizes – 1, 4 and 8L oil capacity.

Manufacturer Code GRR025008